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Re: pityriasis rosea can it effect eye area help please

[QUOTE=fletcher1985;4079178]hey guys well i have had pityriasis rosea for about 2 and a half months now but suddenly i got a red patch just below my eye on the skin i thought it might be a infection but its juts a red patch and when i put cream around the area avoiding my eye it just seems to make it flare up and my lower lid swell a little, could this be pityriasis rosea i did a google search as i dont know if it effects the eye area as well, it does seem to be a little dry would vaseline help, or should i just leave it.[/QUOTE]

It is hard to tell if that is what you have around your eye. Pityriasis rosea doesn't usually affect the face. Don't use vaseline as that would not allow it to breath. It needs to stay dry.