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Re: Gulf War children

I was there from dec 90 to aug 91. my first husband was there i do not know how long, i forgot, but he was there for a while also esp during the ground war. he was 5 klicks from the front line. he captured some enemies also. when i was with him, i was experiencing a lot of hives/rashes, severe coughs, i was also coughng up mucus & stuff, & my childhood asthma flared up. my physical pains started in 91 & got worst when we got together.

i got pregnant in 92 with him & i had hives/rashes all over the places. the military dr. said that it was natural during pregnancy. my daughter has familial mediterranean fever, alopecia, eczema, major migraines, chronic pain syndrome, slight scoleosis, poor concentration, her math & science skills are very bad for some odd reason, poor auto immune system...

my 2nd marriage, i was relactant to have another child cause i was afraid that my kids will have more problems.. but i got pregnant in 2003... then the iraq war started, i cleary remember my mind going off that night... then my stateofmindjust was not the sameanymore... the baby inside was very hyper. always kicking and punching. i had to change my ob/gyns 3-4 times cause i was so irritated with something there or i wanted to just punch out the nurse and rip her eyes out for no reason at all. it worried me so much why these feelings were inside me. i always wondered if it was my fault that my youngest is this way because of how i was when i was pregnant. that night when my mind blanked off and i went away somewhere... i remember that... but that's all i remember... staring out the car window...

i still blank out.. nt as often.. i had my driver license suspensed for that plus the tons of meds i was taking.. oxicotin & valium at the same does not mix well either!

sorry, i do tend to write a lot..