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Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok

I have slight stiffness and pain in several joints on all 5 fingers of my right hand and absolutely no problems at all with my left hand. I only feel slight pain when I make a fist and the stiffness doesn't let me close the fist completely. Also if I rub or press the joints on the palm-side of my hand, it feels bruised, but nothing is visibly wrong. Finally, the worst joint is that last joint of my pinky... If I bend it slightly the wrong way (in the direction opposite to making a fist) I feel incredible pain. The condition is constant and doesn't ever get better or worse as far as I've noticed (that is, no change with weather, time of day, etc). This has been going on for little more than a month and I never had this type of pain before. I just turned 30.
I had been playing drums on "rockband" around the same time the pain started but I quit as soon as the pain began and have not played for about 3 weeks now but I have noticed no improvement at all. Not sure if this could be relevant.
I have set up a second appointment with a rheumatologist, because the first time he just said to rest it and see if got better. What could this be and what should I do please? Should I be worried about my other hand becoming affected too? Any help is very greatly appreciated.

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