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Re: West Nile infection?

I was quoting the CDC. I do undertand that it is fairly common but it's just that 99.8% of people have absolutely no symptoms with it.

So it is common but usually not debilitating.

By comparison Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease in the country. The tests are faulty (missing 55% of positives) and extremely debilitating, and yet for some reason is not discussed much, compared with WNV.

Also if one has undiagnosed Lyme disease (because of the faulty testing) they are much more apt (because of a suppressed immune system) to contract WNV.

Originally Posted by jmhky View Post
The only reason WNV is considered extremely rare by most people is because doctors don't test for it regularly. Most people who get the virus only have minor illness, similar to flu symptoms. The only people who get diagnosed are those who end up with meningitis or encephalitis for an unknown reason. Then if the patient is lucky, the doctor will investigate with further testing, but even then some of them don't even think to test for WNV. It's a lot more common than most realize. I think doctors need to realize this and add testing for it (blood test, not spinal tap) to their algorithms. My daughter had a combination of meningitis/encephalitis when she was 4. We didn't discover it was from the WNV for a couple of months and that's because I researched everything I could and insisted on having her doctor test her for it. She's 6 now and still suffers from a lot of illnesses that I believe are a direct connection to the virus effecting her immune system, nervous system, etc.