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Re: Here I go again yet another prob - polyp part II

Originally Posted by kimiesoscared View Post
Dr. called me today after having transvaginal sonsonohysterography o yest. which scared me because that was quick. She said everything overall looks fine but of course there is always a butt they suggested I do a sonohysteroprahpy with some saline stuff because they think it is a polyp but it is so tiny they can not truly see it and this will give them a clearer pix. Uggghhh does it end. I then asked her is this a bad thing like cancer and she reassured me that was not something I need to think about and she doubted that very much. She explained it is up to me if I want to do this other test and I agreed that I would because as much as I hate this crap I rather be safe than sorry. Since I am also up there in age 42 and never had children and want 1 at least if possible I figure it is best to do this now because I am truly running out of time. I have not been able to get pregnant and the doctors don't know why because we have both been checked and nothing has come up but that was a few years ago and now I want to try one last time. So lets see what happens-I am soooooo sick of this.

Kimmie...I hope that you're still reading this thread because I'd like to know how you made out!

I had an endometrial biopsy done in August and got the results last week. (Yeah, long time to be in torture). I had it done because my ultrasound came back with a thickened endometrial lining (16 mm's). Thankfully, it came back "good news" but, during the biopsy, they also picked up fragments of a polyp and figures that it may be the cause of my neverending spotting (light and on and off since April). I'm waiting for an appointment for a sonohysterogram (the saline infusion ultrasound) now. She said that if there is still polyps, she will do a hysteroscopy in hospital to remove whatever polyps may be there. I'm assuming that they are benign as well since the fragments of the polyps were there in the biopsy sample and I'm assuming that they'd also done that to get the "good" label. But, I'm spotting even more now since the biopsy. She said that if it isn't the polyps causing the spotting, it may just be my body's way of ending off. I somehow doubt that the fragments were the totality of the polyp/polyps so, I'm sure that I have a chance of ending up in an O.R. to have whatever removed.

Please update us on how you made out with the sonohysterogram and if you have had anything further done and how it all went. I am very much like you...a total worry-wart!

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