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Re: "Disabled Adult Child's Benefits"?

Not sure what the quesions will be, but here's my situation. My son was on SSI. I applied for SSDI, and told them that I had a 22 year old son that would also be getting benefits if I was approved. I was approved for SSDI. He filled out another application to get on Disabled Adult Child Benefits. Basically even though he was already receiving SSI, he had to re-apply to qualify for the DAC. Just have all your medical records showing you are still disabled. The same medical stuff that qualified you for SSI will qualify you for DAC now that your parent is receiving SSDI.

What to expect - whatever you get in backpay will be used to re-pay the SSI, you can't collect double payments for the past months. Your DAC amount of monthly benefits depends on how much SSDI your parent draws. You should get half the amount of your parent's benefit (not half of theirs, they still get the same amount.) If there are multiple children getting benefits, they will split that half. Also, you will be changed to Medicare instead of Medicaid.

If your DAC amount isn't the minimum required (think that is $674 this year), it will be supplemented with SSI to bring it up to $674, and you could keep Medicaid.

SSI is welfare provided for basics to poor people. It's a gift, to be used for food, clothing, shelter/rent. One is not allowed to get money as gifts, for anyone to buy them food, or pay for their housing. If they do, SS takes away part of the SSI, since someone else "gave" them money for the basics (or gave them the basics), and the person didn't need the SSI that month.

SSDI/DAC comes from worker insurance. It's an insurance payout. There are no restrictions on how it is spent, nor any restrictions on how much one owns, nor on what someone else can give to you, or buy for you.

If you have a representative payee, they have to report each year on how the money was spent, to make sure it was spent on meeting the needs of the recipient.

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