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Re: strange symptoms with sinusitis?

Originally Posted by CANEY GIRL View Post
i went to an ent last week and he said the derealization and depersonalization i am feeling is due to my sinus and ears. all this time i was told it was anxiety. i had to have a ct scan of my sinuses and some other test. the only thing that still bothers me is i feel like my thoughts are outside my head. i feel like i'm in a dream and i cant think very well, and when i try to fall asleep i have all this weird vivid thoughts. its like i'm thinking but its not me. its hard to describe. has anyone on here with chronic ear,sinus or allergies felt this way? i also have constant pressure in my forehead and eyes.
I know this is kind of an old post now, but I'm having a lot of these symptoms. I was wondering if you got better and if these symptoms went away. Also what you did to treat them (antibiotics.. etc) and how long it took to get better. I'd really appreciate any response.