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Coblation Turbinate Reduction

Hello there,
I had coblation turbinate reduction on Aug.28. Today, almost 6 weeks after the procedure I cannot notice any difference in my breathing. My turbinates are swollen just when I am lying down, when I am up I am pretty much O.K. I developed this hypertrophy after long (more than 6 months) pregnancy rhinitis and nose bleed, no allergy or deviated septum. Just overused Dristan for about 3 weeks, then stopped, but still had the rhinitis and nose bleed till the end of the pregnancy and 2 months after. After that never was able to breathe normally when lying down.

I will appreciate any advice on what to do next. Anyone with experience with turbinate reduction like this? I already tried 3 different steroid sprays and do saline washes since January. In addition I tried a lot of home and homeopathic remedies without any success. I know the surgery is my only option, but what kind of surgery to have next. Does anyone have had RF or coblation which did not work from the very first time but worked from the second? I am trying to figure out if I have to have this procedure done again or to have something else. My surgeon told me that he shrank just 5 to 10 % of the turbinates, which is not so much.

Thank you!

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