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T scores and Z scores.... need clarification

I am going for my dexa real soon and need clarification on t and z scores? I understand the T is compared to a young adults bone as in 30 year old.Would the Z be compared to one of my age which would make sense to me... If I am 55 I don't expect the bones of a 25 or 30 year old woman ... i expect comparison of my age group.

So the score they give you is the T score why don't they accept the z score as your number mine would be a lot lower but they they written severe osteoporosis of the lumber spine -3.2 my Z score would read 2.3 or less what's expected.

truly I should be just listening to z scores and not minding the T scores of healthy younger woman than us.... need the feedback from you before my Dexa next week but I will also ask my OP specialist my same questionf for peace of mind !!!! Let me know what u think

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