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Re: Biopsy for a .8mm thickened uterine lining

I've been down this road - started with a slightly thickened lining (don't remember the number). I had numerous biopsy's and ultrasounds - about every 3 - 6 months. It was very frustrating to go on like this - I had cysts also - that came and went. After about 3 years (I know that sounds like alot of dr visits - it was), I had a biopsy come back with mild atypical cells. All the previous ones were normal.
I had a D&C and everything came back good. I've had two more ultrasounds and one more biopsy since then, and they were all normal. Before the atypical cells showed up, I was sure that every biopsy I had, would turn out normal, so I was quite shocked when one didn't, but glad that it was caught early, and after the D&C, no further treatment was needed. Now I am back having a yearly appointment, that will include an ultrasound, and a biopsy, only if the ultrasound shows anything. My Dr. has an ultrasound tech in the same office, so at least it makes it an all in one visit.
I was perimenopausal when this all started, and now I am getting closer to menopause - I'm getting about 3 periods a year.
Hope this helps you out.