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Re: is a 9.7 cm endometrial stripe normal


A 9.7 cm endometrial strip is normal if you are not post menapousal. If you are going through menapouse or are post menapouse, than no this is not normal and you will need to have an endometrial biopsy done. This is a very routine procedure done in the gyn's office. I would strongly suggest taking some extra strength tylenol or advil one hour before the procedure. This will help with the cramping that you will experience. The procedure takes about 3 minutes to complete. I have had two done within the last couple of years and am expecting to have another one done next month. The first one was in 2007 and it turned out that I had a polyp growing in my uterus. It was removed and the pathology returned was negative for cancer. Only a very small percent (less than 10) of these polyps are found to be cancerous.
When you doctor informed you of the size of your endometrial lining, did he/she tell you that they would have to do an endometrial biopsy? I think if anyone did some research, the rate of an endometrial biopsies coming back positive for cancer is very small. The biopsy is done to really cover the doctors butt--better safe than sorry theory.

Let me know how thing to turn out.