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Re: another remedy for acne?

i have tired everything too and what i can say in my own experience is that "less is more!"

what I am currently using is "Skinceuticals - Clarifying cleanser" to wash my face.. thats it! i do it 2x a day (in morning & before bed) and I just use a very little bit... no need to use a lot no matter what kind of cleanser you use!

also, right after i wash my face, i use tea tree oil. you can get it at walgreens or rite-aid/cvs by the vitamin bottles. its very smelly, but it works... it kills bacteria and shrinks down pimples also prevents them. what i do is put in a very very little bit in a little spray bottle. you can buy empty little travel sized ones at a walmart or something and put in the tea tree oil, fill the bottle up with water and mist it all over ur face... this is the ONLY thing that is working for me!

i still get pimples every now n then but there not huge! also, to help fade red marks overtime, use a tiny little bit of olive oil and rub it into ur palms and lightly tap it into your face... do this every other night or so... not everything - it helps ur skin too.

if u decide to do this, update me and let me know how things are going!

g luck!