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Re: Anorexia and digestive problems

............ im almost about to cry when reading this !!

nah... :') or maybe a tear hehe

anyway! i know *exactly* how it is with all these digestive crapp issues you get from long-term EDs its so annoying and it just makes everything extremely miserable when you get symptoms and reminds you of NOTHING BUT that it was caused by your ED.....

i have and have had literally BOUTS of digestive problems.... from mouth to bowel. yeppp. and its no fun at all!!

its like as if EDs specifically targeted my digestive system somehow.......urghhhh!

currently i still have:
-poor gastric tone
-slow motility
-hiatal hernia

............ i sometimes hate myself for what ive done to my body, seriously. its still hard to accept sometims

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