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Re: Biopsy for a .8mm thickened uterine lining


I hope everything turns out okay for you. Yes, I did have an idiot for a gyn, more interested in how white his teeth are and flirting with the women that came in. A woman knows when something is wrong with them and to be put off for so long was terrifying for me. He told my sister if he did hysterectomies for every woman that had a problem or a fibroid he would be operating all day everyday. Well, as far as I am concerned that is his job and if he doesn't like it he should get out of it. My main concern right now is getting through he chemotherepy. It is as close to he doulbe toothpick as you can get. I have so much trouble eating anything and have lost a lot of weight and strenghth. My back hurts all the time so bad that I can hardly stand. I belive that is from the radiation (38 treatments).

The D&C was a breeze, I didn't feel anything after it was over. I still wonder if they even did it though. I felt that if they do a d&c that they couldn't possibly miss a 2.3 cm tumor. I was always under the impression that they scrape the uterus. I am not a professional though so I am not sure. He said it was nestled in among the fibroids which he told me I didn't have. Sounds like you have a good gyn, they are not perfect though and it is your body. Sounds like you are being thorough and that is my main purpose for writing of my experiences with this so women make sure no matter what the dr. says that they get everything checked out. They make you feel like if you are overweight you are going to get cancer or some other untreatable disease. Our whole family was overweight except for two, out of 7 girls. All of them had hysterectomies. I was stupid and believed that it wouldnt happen to me. It runs in families. I am so glad that it doesn't run in yours, I am very proud of you for being vigilant. Keep it up.

Good luck on the D&C. santee