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Feels like the food is stuck in the middle of my chest..

23 year old male , very anxious , i have anixety and use xanax as needed, was short of breath and felt chest pain for a while, got every test done on my heart and chest , and numirous blood tests .. Just putting that out of the way for you incase u wonder if its the heart ..

I burp alot, i feel like theres an airbubble in my chest that causes a lil pressure and i have to burp to relieve it. And i feel better after i do .. I never have any acid feelings ..

And i havent eatten in days, but ive started, ive had so much anxiety the past few days that i think its making me never hungry. When i dont , i am again

And i had a bowel movement a few days ago that scared me alot cuz i felt like i was gunna pass out and ALOT came out , so thats another way my mind stops me from going, but im gunna take a laxative today, doubt there will be anything to come out though because i havent eatten alot .. I have prilosec perscription from a friend but have never used it because im scared it might cause stomach pain. And no i hardly ever have stomach pain.

But after i eat something, i always feel like its caught in the middle of my chest, like right where the chest meets the stomach. And again, over time as i burp more and more, it goes away .. Ill obv get it checked out in a few days, but anyone have an idea??

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