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Re: Chronic Cough/Sinusitis?

Please know that chlorine tap water can cause endless daily coughing. I personally know because my children went through it when they were 3 and 6 years. Our 3 year old suffered the most because she was drinking more of the tap water than our 6 year old. After ten months of non stop coughs that would get so bad they could not sleep and needed antibiotics to clear up serious congestion, I found the cure. Other treatments from the pediatricians were also used but only worked a few days and the coughing would resume. I had taken a note and placed it in our kids medical box as to when the coughs started, and one day ten months later we discovered through our water company (the water company had been chlorine free) the we had been getting chlorination into our water supply at the same time (dates were a match) the coughs started. we started using bottled non chlorine water for their juices etc. The coughs stopped within 48 hours. our kids can't be the only humans in the world with this chlorine sensitivity/allergy. To this day even with my children being ages 22 and 19 if they start drinking chlorinated tap water at school work or a friends house the cough comes back.
The most noted return of the coughs after having years of no coughing came when our 6 year old became Jr high age and went to school and started P.E every day and started drinking from the water fountain at school because he was so thirsty. The cough came right away and as soon as I heard the coughing I asked questions to him and realized what was happening. He started using bottled water and cough.
I am so grateful for a cure if our children had tap chlorine water as newborns the outcome would of been much graver.
just in case you has the same sensitivity as our children. How easy it was to just avoid chlorine tap water v.s. all the hundreds if not thousands of dollars spend on medications. Too bad our pediaticians did not have knowledge of this since it must be so rare. We could of avoided so many doctor visits and my kids would not of been coughing for ten months straight.
Our pediatician was also suggesting our daughter was developing asthma. Shes 19 now and has never had any asthma.
Maybe this information can help you and others.