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Exclamation Doctor can't figure out what is wrong, thinks it's Lyme disease

The first paragraph is a background of medical issues for me. You can skip to the "In May 2009" paragraph to go straight to my medical issue.

I am a 22 year old college student in South Florida. I am an ex-competitive swimmer that still works out. I usually exercise 6 days a week with a mixture of weights, elliptical(usually 60-90mins/day), running(1.5/per day). Since getting injured from swimming in October 2003 I have had lots of medical issues. Starting with my shoulder issues that took two years to find out what was wrong with me and to have surgery on both shoulders. In February 2004 I had an onset pain in my abdominal pain and had a grapefruit size cyst on my ovary and lost my ovary. From this point to present I have ended up in the hospital multiple times with ovary cyst that ended up rupturing. In November 2006, I had a bad case of bronchitis where medicine wouldn't help and almost ended up in the hospital. The bronchitis came back for two years at the same time. In January 2007, I injured my knee and two well known orthopedic surgeons said I had classic symptoms and swelling of a torn meniscus. The MRIs showed it was not a torn meniscus and the doctors were baffled on what caused the symptoms. This same injury happened again in December 2008 and still was unexplained why I had so symptoms. In January 2008, I had bad shoulder pains with very tender spots throughout my upper back and shoulders. These tender spots would make me scream if you touched and I have a high pain tolerance from swimming. I had muscle pain, tingling down my arms, and loss of strength in shoulders and arms. I was in a lot of pain with this. After nerve test and MRIs that didn't show anything the doctor diagnosed me with myofascial pain syndrome. This brings me up to my recent medical issue.

In May 2009, I started to have flu like symptoms, bloody noses, sinus pain, ringing in my ears, slight fatigue, teeth pain, and headaches. I went to the doctor where she diagnosed me with sinusitis. I was given a Z pack and after two weeks I went by I still felt the same and still had the same symptoms. I went back to the doctor and saw a different doctor in the practice. She told me that I didn't have sinusitis and that I should do nasal irrigation to stop my symptoms. I started to do this and it made me feel a little bit better but for the next couple of months I would start feeling excellent then I would hit rock bottle and feel horrible with the symptoms. Also a few different symptoms arrised like memory issues, lightheadedness, and a few other things.

In August 2009, I finally went back to the doctors with my issues. She told me I had sinusitis again and gave me antibiotics which I believe were amoxicillin. After I was done with the medication I felt worse. I went back to the doctor and she wanted me to have a ct scan of my sinuses. The ct scan came back clean and showed I never had sinusitis. The doctor then recommended me to have full blood work up and to go see and ENT. The time in between seeing the primary care doctor and the ENT I contracted pink eye. When I went to the ENT he told me I never had sinusitis and that it was minimal allergies. He gave me a nasal allergy spray and saline gel for my nose to help with the constant bloody noses. This treatment only helped two of my symptoms, the bloody nose and sinus pain. The blood work came back with my SED rate high. My doctor said this was from my sinuses even though the ct scan showed no inflammation in my sinus cavities.

I went back to my doctor and told her I wasn't feeling any better and was actually getting worse. I explained all my symptoms again and she ordered more blood work. To check my thyroid and to see if I had Lyme disease because she was convinced that it was Lyme disease. The blood work came back with everything negative. The doctor was convinced it was a false negative result and that I had Lyme disease. She put me on a 14 day supply of Doxycycl HYC 100MG.

This brings me to this point in time. The medication didn't help any and I feel worse. She is trying to send me to an infectious disease doctor but I am having issues getting in.

My symptoms are:
-Headaches: I have been getting headaches almost every day and some turn into a migraine. One headache may me go to the ER because my head felt like it was going to explode.
-Lack of Concentration
-Blurred vision
-Muscle aches
-Muscle weakness
-Sinus pain
-Low grade fever( very random fever that comes and goes and is usually a max of 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
-Post nasal drip
-Lack of appetite
-Memory issues( Issues spelling, remember what I was going to say or do, and this is very odd for me because I have a photographic memory)
-Feel out of it
-Affecting my motor skills and my ability to drive as well as usual
-Sore throat
-Ringing in my ears
-Skin rashes
-Teeth pain

I am at wits end and that is why I'm posting my issue on a forum to see if anyone has an idea of what is wrong with me. It's affecting my day to day life. I can't go to the gym without being too exhausted. I went to the zoo for 3 hours with my nephew and I physically couldn't do anything for two days after from being so tired. The tiredness is completely unlike me as I'm usually a high energy person. This is interfering with my school and I just want to feel better. If anyone has an idea of what is wrong with me please let me know.

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