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Re: USMC Gulf War Vets...

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Any USMC vets here that were issued the pyridostigmine bromide pills and were given a horse pill by SNCO's that had no name? I distinctly remember taking two pills and the unknown one was not given to us to hold and take on our own. I never saw any markings on the bottles that the mystery pill was taken from and given to us to take.

During the 90's when going thru the VA for the Gulf War registry, I was told by some old doctor fella that there was NO other pill and that pyridostigmine bromide was safe and not the cause of my issues. Obviously he was wrong about pyridostigmine bromide pills and he obviously wasn't there for the taking of the mystery pills that I am curious about.

After about a week of violent side effects, stomach pains, explosive diarrhea, we started faking the swallowing part and spitting them out after the mandatory visual verification was done by SNCO's. Symptoms went away within a day or two. Then, finally, the mandatory pill taking was cancelled.

I am curious if any vets here remember the second pill and if they knew what it was. My current ailments are about to take be back down the Gulf War Syndrome path with the VA.

Thank you.

Gary B.
USMC 1986-1991

I remember that other pill. We spit them also. They made us **** blood,angry, mean, and generally not nice with each other. The results of the PB is not good, but I can't find anyone about that other one... Some of my guys can barely remember being there now... I'm holding together but I'm hurting....VA seems like they want to help until you say PB or GWS. Wives don't seem to want to hear that stuff either.....
let me know
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