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Re: Persistent Flank Pain on Right Side

Hello Cody. I have had pain in my sides and front torso for 4 years now. All of my testing has come back negative. The "super specialist" says it could be small fiber neuropathy but not enough studies have been done on it. My pain moves around and sometimes its a cramping pain and sometimes its like an electrical shock or sometimes an intense pain in my side. It started on my right side and they said it was a pulled muscle but within weeks it went to my left side also. I also had bowel movement problems. I take 4800mg of Neurontin a day and it helps alot but not completely. Within days of starting the neurontin my bowel movements came back. My gait became better and the pain became les intenses and a little less frequent. Also any activity makes the pain worse. I have tried Cymbalta and Lyrica and did not noyice any difference. If I quit taking the Neurontin, which I do sometimes thinking the doctor might pick up on something easier if the symptons are not being masked by the medication the bowel movements stop and the pain worsens again. I would try Neurontin as it has helped me alot. It doesn't work immediadely and you have to gradually increase dosage but it is the only thing that has been good for me . Good Luck