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Re: USMC Gulf War Vets...

Originally Posted by gemmsgt View Post
I remember that other pill. We spit them also. They made us **** blood,angry, mean, and generally not nice with each other. The results of the PB is not good, but I can't find anyone about that other one... Some of my guys can barely remember being there now... I'm holding together but I'm hurting....VA seems like they want to help until you say PB or GWS. Wives don't seem to want to hear that stuff either.....
let me know
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Did they kill us? or are some of us taking too long to die?
That's been my problem all along. When it was brought up at the VA back when they were running us thru the Gulf War registry, I was told by some old fart doctor that PB was safe and had been used for years and that there was NO other pill given. We had a bit of a spat when I asked when he was over there...I must have missed seeing him. Got all pissy because I was questioning his telling me I took no other pill.

The VA is better now, but still does not acknowledge any other pill. They are quick to send you all kind of info on GWS and come and get checked out but are quick to deny anything is related to that time period. Had one doctor try and tell me that some cracks in my spine (discs) were probably caused in jr. high because I played football for 1 year. I told him that was a relief because it didn't start hurting until after the 3 IED's I took in Iraq.

They must have to go to some training to make sure they try and relate all injuries to something outside of your military service. I fail to see how my back can start hurting almost 30 years later from some hits I might have taken playing football instead of the "getting hit by a freight-train" IED blasts in 2006!

Our fight continues...

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