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Help please

My name is Alexandra and I am 34years old living in Arizona.
I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US in 2001.
I have been having health problems since last summer (July). After my gallbladder was removed in November 2008 I thought all would get better, but it turned to the worse in February of this year.

Here is a list of symptoms I have been experiancing. I do not have any health insurance at this point and am trying to research as much as I can online. Please let me know what this could possibly be:

November 2008 gallbladder was removed during/after a visit to the ER.

Im Februar 2009 severe pain in my chest. Left side. Numbness in arms, hands, fingers. Severe headaches. Pain radiating from chest to my jaw through my left arm. Trouble breathing, coughing, severe tiredness.

After that the pain started to radiate and travel through the entire body. Most Bones- cartilages are/were hurting.

-Joint pain
-Pain in my bones (chest, ribs, hip, knees, ankles, toes, arms, hands, fingers, back, neck, skull (eye sockets), jaw etc.)
-Always tired
-Head aches (ca. 1-2 per week in the beginning)
-Trouble breathing (ca. 1 a week)
-Bruises, rashes,
-red broken blood vessels under the skin without hurting myself. Mostly in face (cheeks/ nose/ eyes) upper arms & chest
-Severe skin rashes after touching my saltwater equipment, tank, saltwater or jewelry.
-Fever blisters/ sores on my lips
-Open sores inside the roof of my mouth
-Stomach pains and nausea (2-3mal per week)
- nausea and random mix of dihorrhea/constipation
- Fatigue and exhaustion
- Heart palpitations (sometimes can feel heart beating in chest when I sit or lay on a couch)
- Dizziness (1 time a week)
- Ringing or "buzz" in ears (1 time a week)
- Unexplained intestinal bleeding (for 1-2 days; not currently)

Arthritis and joint pain is the most common and constant symptom. This will occur in conjunction with other listed symptoms.
Some days I cannot walk, stand or sit for too long. The pain does subside with rest but does not go away.
This is really getting to me at this point. I used to be quite active and now I feel as if I am 100 years old some days. Some days are so bad that I cannot even open a can of food (use a can opener) for my children because my wrist joints hurt so much.

Arthritis Medicine und Anti Inflammatory do not help much. Ibuprofen etc.
Albuterol helps a bit with troubled breathing. Vicodin for pain. I take 1 Vicodin once or twice a week when going to the grocery store or any place that I need to walk or stand or sit longer than 20minutes.

September 28th 2009 I had a seizure at 1am in bed. My first one. This was very scary.

A scaly rash appeared over my right eye Oct 12-13-14; Left eye swollen & red Oct 15-16-17-18 pain inside/around eye socket- trouble seeing out of my left eye.

Please let me know all of your thoughts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Alex

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