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Stomach trouble after consuming alcohol

Afew months back I had a night out in my local town, ive never been a heavy drinker, 5-6pints as aways my maximum, but on this night I must have drank 8 pints in the space of about 4hours. Id had a fairly big meal before going out, and ended up throwing up several times in the night, and the day after.
I didnt eat anything for about 3 days as i felt as though the lining of my stomach had been burnt away.
After a few days the feeling went away and everything was back to normal, apart from a slight loss of appetite.
But now, afew months down the line I am stll having problems, I cant hardly drink any alcohol at all, even just 1 pint makes my stomach churn, and gives my alot of discomfort and sick feelings. I had just 1 and a half pints on saturday night, I didnt throw up, but my stomach still feels tender 3 days later.
This is happening everytime I consume any amount of alcohol.
Is there anything wrong? or do I just need to give up drinking for a while and see what happens?
Im only 20, and ive never really abused alcohol, and I dont drink on a very regular basis.

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