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Re: PAC's & PVC's w/ Sinus Tach

I completely understand what you are going through. I am in the same boat since I was 33. I am 41 now. I saw about 4 different Electrophysiologists and 6 cardiologists since this whole thing started! Sounds like you are faced with the options that I was faced with. I desperately wanted the ablation that the first Electrophysiologist suggested to me also. The next Electrophys did an EP study and my results came up as just sinus tach and they couldn't find a direct trigger for my tachycardia during the EP study. After that study the Dr. said that doing an ablation on a person with just sinus tachy comes with many risks such as needing a pacemaker and making other heart rythym disturbances. Many times it just doesn't work or only temporarily. I was disappointed at the time BUT I am still pretty glad that I didn't play around with it. I take my medications and try to exercise (yawn). Just a suggestion if I were you I would think about trying the new dose of medicine for awhile before I get ablated BUT I would get the EPS study done. Just get the study but tell the Electrophysiologist not to ablate anything until he tells you the findings first. If they are able to trigger the arrythmia then you can go back for the ablation. Let me know how it works out.