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Hello: Lizbec. Welcome to the board!

If you haven't already, I would strongly recommend you read as many posts as you can on this board, before taking any meds.

There are also quite a few people with stomach issues.
Hold on, and take care.

Also, I would try very hard to get your test results, in detail. Not just those comparing you to a 25 year old woman, but the Z-scores as well as the T-scores.
Z-scores compare the results to people your age.
There's a big difference. And most doctors go by the
T-scores. But, then most doctors in this country, the USA, get most of their research from the very drug companies who supply the drugs they give all too readily (in my opinion) when, all too often, the drugs, even for people without stomach issues, have many side fx. Which doctors often tend to ignore or downplay or downright deny. Just read lots of posts here and you will see it as it really is.

I would also recommend seeing a specialist in Osteoporosis. In this country, it is a rheumatologist
but there are clinics who really do specialize. I haven't found one yet near me and on my insurance, but I do know they exist.

Whatever, you don't have osteoporosis yet. So don't worry too much. Just plan of doing something about it and not let it get any worse. Do not panic.