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Re: Confused HPV

You may not know what strain of HPV you have. I don't. All I know was that the last time my doctors checked I was positive for high risk HPV.

It is likely, though I don't know, that this is the first time that your doctor tested you for HPV. That is why you now know that you have it.

I'm curious as to how old you are. If you are over 30, then it is becoming common for doctors to run the HPV/dna test along with a woman's pap. The two tests have a very high accuracy rate in detecting cervical problems.

When you say you have been with your husband for 5 years, I suspect you are wondering how/why you are just now receiving a positive HPV test. If that is your line of thinking, the answer is probably more likely due to you just recently being tested, and not for any other reasons. I'll just state this, HPV is a horrible indicator of fidelity.

HPV can be in someone system for years or decades before it is detected.

Mine was. I had my first HPV test when I was 44, but hadn't had a new sexual partner in 16 years; so the HPV had been in my system for at least 16 years. It had only just been detected because I was tested for the first time that year (did that sentence make ANY sense? it was a grammatical train wreck!).