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Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify

I've been having vision probelms for about a year now. Orignially my doctor thought my problems were due to my Intracranial Hypertension but with the medication managing that issue my vision has not improved.

My problem is that I see clearly at all distances (20/20). But objects within about a 10 foot range of me are enlarged. I feel like I'm living in giant land. I cannot read without holding the book or setting it down far away from me. I bought a cordless keybord so that I could sit back from my computer in order to read the screen (after adjusting the resolution so the text was as small as possible). The thing is that though the objects are enlarged they are still clear, not fuzzy or blurry in any way. To read or look at things my eye has to travel over the entire surface to put the entire picture when reading I can see the words so large that I have to read each word individualy then put the sentence together in my head b/c it is so large.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas as to what's wrong with my vision please help. Thank you.

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