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thirty one years old and have throat cancer

Im thirty one years old and found a lump on the right side of my neck that would not go away , the first doctor I went to simply said it was an infection somewere in my body she didnt know what or where it was and sent me out the door not satisfied with the way she handled that I made an appt with my doctor who exam the lump and sent me to a head and neck doc , the moment he felt the lump he look worried and then when I told him it felt as though something was in my throat he did an exam by putting this long tube in my nose where he found a growth he ordered a ct scan that revealed five growths in my throat I just went for the biopsy two days ago I know in my heart it is cancer I have a five year old eight year old and a seventeen year old, just the thought of knowing that this thing I have can kill me and leave my children behind is devestating but the most shocking part of it all is my doc said he beleives i got it from smoking ! I turned to him with tears and said but its people that smoke for half there life and dont get this! as if everytime I lit that ciggarette I didnt see the warning lable on the side of the carton the thing is I though I was young healthy and invinceble and it could never happen to me im from a long line of smokers and none have health problems from it , if there is anyone out there who had had this at my age and can offer hope please let your light shine on me , even though this is new to me all I can do is want to be a voice for this thing it can happen to anyone, any time, any age, cancer from smoking dont ever think it cant happen because of age ,I sure did

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