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Re: thirty one years old and have throat cancer

Don't give up hope. Look up natural cures for this.
There are smokers in my family too. Almost every one smokes. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and especially my parents. My brother and two of my sisters smoke. I never smoked. I'm now 31. But a few yrs ago I really went through something very difficult. I smoked here and there, but I did not take to it well at all. My lungs would just hurt so bad and so would my throat and I was so scared into just not smoking anymore. So I don't.
But I got so scared one night because I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat and lungs hurting so bad. I started looking up throat cancer and found that some people at such young ages do get it. I was shocked and really scared.
So many chemicals are put into the tobacco it's awful.

There are natural cures for cancer. If you really think about it, the body heals itself. There are cures that work with chemotherapy, if that's what you end up getting.
You are very young and I'm sure pretty healthy. Your body can heal from this. Just look into healing the right way. Take care of yourself.
My heart truly goes out to you. I hope you're not alone in this.
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