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Re: Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify

just one other possible suggestion as far as a good type of specialist to see for this? its called a neuro opthamologist that deals with more in depth vision issues casued normally by brain or spinal cord injury, but i would think just given the really insane nature of your particular vision issue that they still would be the person to see about this. they just have a much better clearer understanding of vision issues caused more from the brain not working as it should kind of thing? i just think a neuro op would know a heck of alot more and maybe be able to truely Dx this condition better than any other type of doc, ya know?

have you ever actually had a brain MRI done just to see if anything a bit 'off' may be there that could create a vision issue of this variety? its just that certain changes with our vision can sometimes just be a symptom of a more underlying deeper issue too.

just how did you end up with 'intracranial hypertension" in the first place? how was this diagnosed and what made the docs even check for this at the very beginning?

the one thing other than a few others that really governs a bigger part of vision within the actual brain itself is actually within the cerebellum. this, i would think would be where a good neuro op would just start really looking for a possible connection. what you have going on just sounds SOOO crazy, i cannot even begin to imagine just how to deal with that one on a daily basis. something definitely is not 'right' within your brain for that to even occur. i do hope you can find the type of specialist i mentioned. they are not some rare type of doc, but depending upon just where you live could simply be a bit out of the way of the bigger citys where they would more likely be, ya know? please keep me posted as to what you find out. i really would love to know too just what is creating this for you.good luck with this. **
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