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Re: Confused HPV

It is important to remember that there are two major types of HPV: low risk and high risk. Low risk HPV can cause genital warts. High risk HPV can lead to cellular changes when can cause cancer, in worst case scenarios. Genital warts can go away, untreated, after a year or so. High risk HPV can "clear". This is more typical in women under 30 who have something less than, or equal to, low grade dysplasia (CIN I). Women who are over 30 and/or have moderate dysplasia (CIN II) or higher are much less likely to "clear" the virus.

Clearing HPV doesn't mean it is gone. HPV stays in the body forever. There are also over 30 strains of HPV that can affect the genitals. It is possible for HPV to become active again, even after the body has cleared all symptoms (warts if low grade, dysplasia if high grade).