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Re: Brachial Plexus Infusion/block


Thanks for the reply. I'm really starting to think that I'm not the right candidate for this. I'm suppose to get the block not the permanent pump,but it's still scary and everything I keep hearing make me feel that my chances aren't very good. I've been in pain for so long and I've read the studies and trials of this block and the people who have been in pain for a year or more don't get much help at all if any and the staff infection percentage is through the roof. I'm hoping to talk to my doctor tomorrow and really talk about the rates and percentages of actually coming out of this better. I want to try and stay positive but when nothing for years doesn't ever work you start to wonder if it's really worth going through everything that comes with doing a procedure.
Thanks again for your input. Every little bit helps.
Take care and stay warm,