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Re: Flu-like symptoms without fever?

Thank you everyone for your reply and S.Shore - hope everyone in your home will be okay! I'm sure by riding the T everyday, we've all had a great chance of catching some sort of illness!

I did find out that many people with H1N1 have had the flu without a fever. (Estimated at 30%) They say doctors are having a problem diagnosing it as such because of the lack of a fever, people are more likely not to go to get it checked out.

I definitely don't want to go crazy thinking I have the virus but I will probably get checked out soon if these symptoms don't subside.

Still feeling like a truck ran over me and I drink more water probably than the average person every single day so I'm pretty sure it's not dehydration.

Hey, this does give me a good excuse to slow down and stay in bed a little longer!

Thanks again!