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Re: Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify

Yeah, it is very frustrating. And now that I think about it and you mention it I think the Dr. I am seeing is a Neuro-Optho. I just didn't think about it before. My Dr. and I are not sure how I got the hypertension but it started with enlarged nerves behind my eyes (papiladema - not sure of the spelling) then from there I had 4 spinal taps in as many months to relieve the pressure. I'm on medication to help relieve the fluid pressure but it's so/so but I haven't had to have a tap in a while.

My Dr. referred me to a neurologist that I'm seeing for my migranes and my stabbing headaches and she referred me back there just recently and wrote him a letter asking about a possible diagnosis. She said she was also going to check around with her colleagues.

I spend every day with a mild headache, constant pressure, and slight nausea. Going to work to sit in front of my computer is a drain. I get about 10 hours of sleep every night b/c by the time it gets to be evening I'm so exhausted that I go to bed at 9:30-10 every night.

I haven't had a brain scan in a while (right before the hypertension was discovered actually) so I think you're right I should ask for another one.)