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Re: Vision Problems that my Opthamologist cannot Identify

now that strange to just 'have" all of the sudden. i am wondering if you have ever also had a full brain thru the spinal areas type of contrasted MRI done? the thing here is the brain and the spinal cord and that surrounding dura where the CSF actually has a timed ebb and flow back and forth thru the dura around that cord and on up thru the brain are just one huge long connected area, ya know what i mean? you just 'could' possibly have something further down within that spinal cord or the dura itself that is creating the higher flow velocity and pressure.

its just the way everything just 'is' thru that whole area. and it very easily can impact the cranial pressure too if that dura is somehow congested? i actually get a therepy called craniosacral therepy,that is also part of the myofascial release therey too? this actually decongests that dura from top to the bottom of that dura in the sacrum(butt area) where it stops. this could just possibly help you too in a way, but once you really just see from an MRI what may or may not actually 'be" within that whole area from brain to the bottom of the cord/dura.

if i were you, and knowing how that whole area just is, i would most definitely be asking for that FULL brain to sacral type of contrasted MRI be done. that whole area is just so very interconnected it would just make real common sense to simply really get more in depth there if this has never been done espescially. just see what may or may not be playing a big part in what IS causing that increased cranial pressure. this would just be the very best basic type of test to have considering. please keep me posted, **
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