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Tired of living with crohn's. No quality of life anymore.

How do you guys with crohn's disease do it? I am soon to be without work and health insurance, again, because of this horrid disease. When this happens I will be homeless, living in shelters and extremely ill. I hate this. I am also a student and can barely finish out the semester. All this hit me a about a year ago. I actually had a good couple of months and then whammo! It hit again. I'm 59 years old and so far nothing is working for me. I cannot take steriods because I am highly allergic. I'm beginning to be afraid to leave my house and know I am sinking into a deep depression. Because of my glaucoma I cannot take antidepressants. I don't see a solution or a light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry to be such a bummer.

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