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Re: Strange unrelenting fatigue

Hi there, I definitely can understand what you mean. I'm a female, so my body fat is definitely not as low as yours, but working out is a big part of my life and I like to push myself pretty hard. I was doing a lot of running and felt fine for about half a year or so, and then out of nowhere started getting very exhausted. I did have to slow it down some and make a few changes and so far it has been helping.

First, I do 5 days a week for workouts now. I still am in just as good shape and I feel that my body gets more rest that it needs. I also stretch more often. I'm often short on time so I'll just run and lift some weights and not do stretching if there isn't time. Now I make sure to squeeze in some stretching too, as well as a warm up and cool down. I used to never warm up while running and eventually I got minor stress fractures in my legs. Then I had to stop running for months!! Now, I'd rather just take it easy so I don't have to stop running for that long. I hated having to use a bike or elliptical during that time because they don't work as well for me.

Do you get a pretty regular amount of sleep on other days than the ones where you sleep a lot? I notice that I hardly get 8 hours of sleep on week days, but I usually crash on the weekends. On Friday nights, after work, I'm often too tired to even do anything fun. I've been trying to get a little more sleep each night and stick to a more regular schedule. An active person definitely needs rest! I've also been trying to add in more "relaxing" time to read or take a relaxing bath. I use some bath salts that smell minty and it helps soothe my muscles and relax myself.

You know, I completely understand what you mean about being active and not wanting to take a break. Just try your best... you don't need to make any huge changes with your workouts! I get really stressed out and anxious if I cut back on my workouts and it makes me very unhappy, so I only made smaller changes. I honestly just feel like trying to get more REST along with those workouts helps me the most, along with the stretching and warm ups! I can't say I am as fit as you are, but I still consider myself more active than the typical person. I did a pedometer step challenge at work and would go under 20,000-40,000 steps a day (this meant up to 4 hours in the gym sometimes!) when others were struggling with getting 10,000.