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My Mother Overdosed

I knew she would do it. She was not only addicted to pain meds, but had some obsession about taking more than she should of any kind of meds. I had spoken to her doctors, but nothing was done. She used to live with me, but moved out in 2008. I told her in a year she would be dead. She just had to overtake meds. Once she took an entire bottle (30) of my ambien in two days. Anyway, so a few weeks ago on Monday, my sister called saying she had not heard from her. I hadn't either, but knew her phone was not working. Also, the very Monday before I went to her house, because I had not heard from her. This time, she was gone. I opened the door, called her name and smelled the decomposition. I knew I was not strong enough to see her like that, so left & called 911. She was dead and had been so for at least 48 hours. She was so decomposed, she was unviewable. She was dr. shopping and everything for her meds. I knew that, but didn't do anything to stop it other than telling her, she would be found out. I should have done more.

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