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HPV symptoms, are they the same as the person you get it from?

I have started dating a girl and she has told me(luckily) that she has HPV from a past relationship.
She got it around the start of this year.

We haven't had sex yet because of this, and the doctors here say that it will take 2 years to get rid of the virus.
They say that if we were to have sex before then, even with a condom, I would definitely get it.

I know there are many kinds of HPV, she has one of the kinds that has results in genital warts, ie she has 1 wart, and is treating at the moment.
My question is, when the wart is gone if we were to have sex with a condom and I still got HPV, would I get warts as well?

So basically, if her HPV gives her warts, will I get the same symptoms? or will it be different for me?

I ask because this is likely to be a serious longterm relationship, and from what I've read it seems like HPV is pretty common, and usually guys that are healthy can easily fight off the virus. So I'm not that worried about getting it, as long as I'm not gonna be covered in warts.

One further question, if I do get warts, will they completely disappear in time, or stick around?
Thanks for your help.

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