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Re: sinusitis chronic relief?

Just been taking 2 Sudafed in morning when it's worst.
If that's all you're taking then putting off the surgery was probably the right thing to do. There are a number of medical options you should pursue before having surgery.

First of all, you should get a SinusRinse bottle or neti pot and use it at least twice a day to help reduce the swelling, irritation and inflammation in your sinuses. Both are available at most drug stores and come with pre-mixed packets of a mix that you use according to the directions. If you're really having chronic problems, the SinusRinse bottle is probably a better choice.

If you think your symptoms are allergy related you should also consider taking an antihistamine every day to see if it helps alleviate your symptoms. Both Claritin (loratadine) and Zyrtec (cetirizine) are available without a prescription in an inexpensive generic form and they are very effective.

You should also ask your doctor about a steroid nasal spray like RhinocortAQ or Flonase. The sprays are very effective at reducing sinus inflammation.

Beyond those basics there are several other things you might consider:

- If you think your sinus issues are allergy related it might be worthwhile to get tested to find out what you're allergic to.

- Acid reflux, particularly a form of acid reflux called LPR that often has no other symptoms, can cause sinus inflammation. If you have any symptoms of heartburn or acid reflux you should ask your doctor if your symptoms could be reflux-related.

- There are several other medications like Singulair that may help but you really need to have a better understanding of what's causing your symptoms before considering any other medical treatments.

I would also recommend that you see an allergist or an ENT who specializes in medical treatment of sinus problems. The fact that you're only taking sudafed indicates that you haven't really scratched the surface of the treatments that may help, so find a good doctor who understands this stuff and see if he/she can help you sort this out.