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Re: HPV symptoms, are they the same as the person you get it from?

Everyone is different but if she has a strain of HPV that causes genital warts then I believe that's probably the same way it will affect you. It mostly depends on your immune system though. Some people go their whole lives and never see one thing but are still a carrier and still pass it on. If you don't smoke or drink and if you eat right and exercise regularly then hopefully you'll never see a lesion. From what I understand, even if you do clear the virus you can still pass it on. Clearing the virus just means it's dormant. It takes most people two years but it's a virus. It's with you forever so if your immune system ever becomes compromised then you are at risk to have another outbreak. There are cases of people testing positive then a little while later testing negative for the virus. Those are some pretty lucky people though! Good luck hun! I hope everything works out for ya'll.