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H1N1 what are your children's experiences

My son (he will be 10) has been sick with "a flu" since last Friday night. He started w/dry cough and aches. He received the H1N1 vaccine (along w/his sister) last Friday - so when he started with a fever last Friday night, I assumed it was from the shot. Not the case. He had the fever for 2 1/2 days. He had an asthma flare-up beginning Saturday night. His fever went down Sunday, but it went WAY down to 93-94 degrees. The on-call doctor told me to get him warm - he felt hot and was sweating, but his skin was cold and clammy. He was shivering. It took me 4 hours of laying on top of him w/several layers of clothing and blankets, for his temp to go back up to 96-97. Next he required nebulizer treatments every 1 1/2 we were sent to the ER - They gave him prediscone for asthma (this med usually works quickly to control it) He is still wheezing and although we hear popping and clicking noises in his back, the doctors tell us his lungs are clear. He has been sick several times throughout his life. This is by far, the longest stretch of such severe sickness. We are still watching and waiting to see what happens next. Will he be well soon? Does any of this sound familiar?

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