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Re: H1N1 what are your children's experiences

We got our swine flu shots last Tuesday. Last Friday my husband brought home a nasty virus. It spread so fast. It starts with a scratchy throat, fever, and then a horrible cough. Felt like stabbing knives going up your throat. We all went to the doctors and our chests are clear. Meanwhile our whole county is coming down with this same virus. All our doctors have said it is not H1n1 but it matches the symptoms. My son's fever reached 103 degrees 4 nights ago and he still has a temp of 99 degrees. We hate taking naps during the day because you feel worse when you get up. We have all slept in a upright position and experiences chills and sweating at the same time. So we are on day 6 and still can't shake this virus. I had to take my son back to the doctors again today and they say no congestion. Doesn't H1n1 cause congestion in the chest.