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Re: H1N1 what are your children's experiences

Originally Posted by shawn1967 View Post
Well, I have 3 sick and have all started different times. I am also sick and am having a horrible time getting over it. I'm not used to even being sick. I don't think I have been to the dr for being sick in over 3 years.

My 5 year old daughter: Has had it for 10 days now. The first 2 days were a high fever. Then it went from being 99.5-101 for the next 5 days or so. The last 2 days she has been running low grade temps at night. I took her to the dr last week and H1N1 was confirmed (because she already had the regular flue vac). Tonight her fever is around 99.5 so it's getting better. But I'm still worried. Dr did not seemed concerned at all last week.

My son who has asthma with a history of pnomonia came down with it Tuesday afternoon. 2 days with fever. He has gotten up to 101 today but is now fever free. Still getting breathing treatments every 4 hours. He says he feels great. But I'm worried because I keep hearing that you feel great and then you get sick again (which is what totally happened to me).

My 12 year old came down with it on Wednesday. Never a high fever. Just low grade and cough. She seems not to affected by it.

I have never had a problem with low fever. Or with hearing clicking noises. And I did not know you could give breathing treatments that close together. What's his cough like now? Did he get better and then get worse?

Just don't worry you are doing everything possible to take care of your children. I am in the same boat. My son had a 99.8 yesterday and I had to take him to the doctor again yesterday. This is the 7th day with it. You think you feel good and then it makes you feel tired and cranky again. My kids doc said it takes about 10 days to really feel good. We will still have the cough for about a month though. This thing made me worry sick but I have to relax now.

this is so weird - I never had a fever since I was kid. It seems each day you get better but it is a slow process. I hate taking naps because you wake up feeling worse. This is my birthday weekend and we all are laying on the couches. We can't move much. My doctor keeps insisting that it was not H1n1. I want to exercise so bad but my lungs are too weak.

My 13 year old just got the cough and a low grade fever too. I am telling you this is weird. The cough feels like knives stabbing in your chest.