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Re: Brain fog, sinus & ear pressure, lethargy... for over a decade

"* Severe brain fog, lethargy, feeling like my brain is in molasses. I never pursued my doctorate because this affliction makes me feel like an imbecile, unable to mentally function as I used to.
Also, no diabetes.
* Sleep disorders: never get a good night of sleep. Always wake up exhausted, beat up.
* Shortness of breath and palpitations upon waking up.
* Frequent headaches, intense and debilitating.
* Pressure behind the eyes and inside the ears (like I'm under water)
* Visual disturbances: floaters (like TV noise), blinking lights, sensitivity to light.
* Sinus congestion, but the nose is dry.
* Creaking and popping noises in the inner ear. Very noticeable upon chewing, yawning, swallowing. Tinnitus at night.
* Dizziness and nausea.
* Extremely dry skin and scalp. The scalp flakes horribly, and it's quite embarrassing. Not a single product helps."

To me it sounds as though your extremely dehydrated. I'd cut down on the caffeine and sugar intake. Now, I'm not diagnosing all your problems, but dry scalp, congestion, dry nasal passages, all can be dramatically helped with increase in water.

Try this: Once a day drink hot green tea with cayenne pepper (3 shakes of the jar). I can't tell you how much this has helped clear the mucous from my sinuses. It also makes me very calm and relaxed. My promise to you is that it will bring relief.

Also get a netti pot and rinse twice a day to help open and clear your nasal passages, if not once a day. This too I promise relief.

I have chronic sinusitis and wake up with sinus infections frequently. When I completely cut sugar and caffiene out, I'm always better in the morning and less puffy. Never eat any carbs before bed, either. My worst puffiness and sleep happen then.

A good fish oil and magnesium supplement will help with the heart palpitations as well decrease inflammation of sinus tissue

A change in diet can bring an abundance of relief, not to mention self-empowerment. I'm still getting sinus surgery, but will carry on my healthy ways. Hope this can provide you with relief. I'm confident it will

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