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Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

chynablue, look up bromide in bread and you will see how it interacts with the thyroid and causes every kind of thyroid disease. Several countries have banned bromine in bread but in the US we still add it as potassium bromide. I could be that you have celiac disease as well but since you seem to be able to tolerate bread sometimes and not others I would look at bromide as a possible cause. Another thing to look at is how fluoride affects thyroid function and many cities add it to water or it occurrs naturally. Fluoride was once used as a treatment for hyperthyroidism because it interferes with the thyroid and causes hypothyroidism.

I also have the visual migraines. When they occur I have partial vision loss with big blurry patches. There's very little head pain but many other symptoms of migraine; nausea, photophobia, fatigue. I've had this for years and I attribute it to my adrenal fatigue, which I've had symptoms of for about 15 years.