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Re: Help! Severe brain fog, lethargy, sleep & skin problems for a decade! Thyroid iss

Thanks everyone. This is very good information. I wasn't aware of perchlorate and bromide and their effects on health. I think there's something fishy about how my symptoms improve and most of them go away when I visit drier/higher regions. Don't know what to make of it. Over the last few years I've thought of every possible explanation, no matter how far fetched. Barometric pressure messing with my brain? Something weird in the local NE water or food that makes ill? Something in nature in the NE that makes my body react? Electro-magnetic radiation? Whatever you can imagine, I've thought of it.

I really don't know what it is, but from all the descriptions I've read, the one that approximates my symptoms the closest is a Hypothyroid condition, but it doesn't quite explain the severe sinus congestions. Either the sinus/allergies are part of this whole syndrome, or they are a red herring that's not related and throwing me into a spin.

Of all the symptoms from this nightmare, the ones that disturb me the most are the neurological ones: brain fog, memory loss, mental sluggishness. It's truly horrible. Pain I can deal with, but this cognitive dysfunction is something I was not prepared to face. When it is at its worst, I can't even form complete sentences, or confuse words for no reason. For instance, last week I said several times "March" when I was convinced I was saying "November". This was in a business meeting. People thought I was either drunk or mental.

Another disturbing effect is forgetting the topic of a conversation... in the middle of a conversation. In mid-sentence I forget what I was talking about, and I'm left there, stumbling to figure out what to say next.

Memory is the worst, though. Short term memory is gone for good. I have completely lost it. Long term memory fades one and off. I can remember the silliest things, but forget names of relatives, of places I've lived, or things I've done, movies I've seen, books I've read, people I've known. It's torture. It's pure torture, and I don't know what I need to be normal again.

I look forward my trips though, because I know when I visit California o Spain, I'm normal (or as close to it as I can get) for a few days. During those days I'm lucid. I catch up with important things in my life. I suddenly can read without struggling, and finish several books in no time. I write again, and things make sense. The fog disappears, and then I'm whole. Most importantly, in those small windows of time when I'm lucid, I put together long lists of important "TO DOs", lists of things I really need to do, but that the brain-fog and memory issues make me forget.

Then, when I come back to New York, I'm able to get to a few of those items in the list... until the brain fog sets in, and then I live a day for a day, trying to catch up at work, hiding my illness from my coworkers the best I can. Deep in the sluggishness and lethargy... This is no way to live, frankly. As I said in a previous post, I feel like I lost the last 10 years of my life to this thing... whatever the heck it is.

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