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Re: Lupus and H1N1

Thank-you so much for your reply SW This entire issue with the H1N1 vaccination is stressing me out so much that I am getting swollen joints.
Here in Toronto, Canada they have 2 different types of the vaccine, one is adjuvanted (sp) and contains an immune system booster - supposedly with the booster in it, they are able to use less of the actual vaccine but get a stronger immune response thus making the subject immune to H1N1 (better, quicker, I don't know, I think they just want to use less of the vaccine b/c of $$). The second type of vaccine is the non-adjuvanted vaccine which contains more of the actual vaccine but no 'immune system booster'. They are offering this one to 20+ weeks pregnant women exclusively.

It seems to me that as a lupus patient, my immune system is crazy and attacks itself therefore I should not take anything with an immune booster in it. I already know that I can't have Echinacea for this exact reason. So I should get the non-adjuvanted vaccination IF I decide to get the shot at all but I am out of luck b/c I am not pregnant.

I am peeved off, frustrated, stressed and angry over this whole vaccine issue. All I know is that I am extremely sick with my lupus, not even able to work full time right now. I am on a medical leave of absence from the job I have had for 7 years. I am afraid that I am going to die if I get H1N1 b/c of the compromised immune system from my meds and that my 3 year old son will not have a mommy anymore - even if I get the vaccine which supposedly will protect me from getting H1N1, because of the extra ingredients in the adjuvanted one which is the only one available to me, I am still afraid I am going to die as my immune system goes crazy from the boosters in the vaccine and therefore my son will still be left without a mommy...

So frustrated...
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