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Re: thirty one years old and have throat cancer

Hi Sharon,
I'm a stage 4 cancer survivor of 7 years, having been diagnosed with SCC of the tonsil with lymph metastasis at the age of 34. Unfortunately, there is no alternative cure for this type of cancer...western medicine is the only alternative. I had a modified radical neck disection with radiation and chemo. Although it wasnt an easy treatment, I'm still here to talk about it. I was a smoker as well, however like you, thought I was way too young for this type of diagnosis. HPV is a virus that is gaining popularity is the SCC world. It is the same virus that causes cervical cancer. I would recommend you have your tumor tested for HPV and get yourself to Comprehensive Cancer Center(CCC) as soon as possible. I'm sorry you are going through this, but keep forging ahead and try to stay positive. I have a 4 year old so I can relate to your fears. There is so many resources on oral cancer on the web that can also help you through this. Hang is there and contact me when you need to.


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