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Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?

Thanks to all who responded. I did just get labs back. My TSH was a bit low (indicating too much synthroid) but my free t4 was normal. I have never had my ferritan checked but my vit D level was deficient. Interesting that you brought up the issues with digestion. I am a Type I diabetic and have gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) due to this. This can also cause nutritional deficiencies. I am still loosing hair, however, I have found some improvement with two things:

1) Taking vitamins. A multivitamin with iron, a B vitamin complex, Vitamin D3 and something called essential minerals + Calcium.

2) Use of Phyto hair products, the line for thinning hair and hair loss. I use the Revitilizing shampoo and the serum in the little separate bottles. Super products but very costly. the above cost $75.