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Could i have swine or just plain old flu

I'm a cashier in a grocery store (I may have been infected through customer contact). On Fri, I arose with a plugged ear (which happens from time-to-time from ear wax buildup) but; otherwise, I felt perfectly fine all day. Late Fri afternoon, toward the end of my shift, I started experiencing neck strain radiating up the back of my head w/an intense headache.

Sat. morning, I arose w/a sore throat, a tight cough (nothing intense), sneezing (nothing major), mild muscle aches, intense headache, fatigue, achy eyes and frequent urination (going every half hour or so).

By Sun. afternoon, I had all the same symptoms, but they didn't seem to increase in intensity.

Mon., I arose w/sweating (soaking wet) &chills so I took my temp (mild fever of 99 degrees); still the fatigue & cough (productive). Upon massaging my shoulders, due to the aches, I noticed two smaller than pea-size proportional bumps on them. I sort of felt like I was feeling better, or hopeful I was, so I could return to work. I thought I should give myself one more day so I wouldn't infect anyone.

Arose yesterday morning totally drenched in sweat/chills, fever of 99.6 degrees, fatigue, coughing, mild headache. Fever's been holding between 99.2 and 99.6 degrees with ibuprofen. Haven't gone long enough w/out ibuprofen to know the true temp. The bump on the right shoulder was still present; the other faded.

This morning arose w/the same symptoms; sweating/chills, fever (99.6), headache, coughing, still the bump on right shoulder, sore throat's gone.

I'm not sure about the sweating/chills since I'm menopausal and it's something I'm used to. I never took my temp when experiencing this in the past, just when I became sick. Can your temp go up when having menopausal symptoms?

I think its really odd to have no fever at the onset of flu-like symtoms, then 3 days later, start to feel better & suddenly develop a fever. I've never experienced anything like this before. I don't normally get fevers when I'm sick and I've never, in my adulthood, been sick and out of work for so long.

I'm starting to worry this might be swine. I don't have health insurance so I'm hesitant to see Dr and spend $75 (considering I just missed 4 and possibly 5 days of work) only to be told it's got to run its course.

Any thoughts? Should I worry and seek medical attention? Thanks alot.

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